Spaceman 2

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A new face which may have some merit, seen here:

The face and torso are outlined below:

The face is generally well propositioned, the eyes seem even and not cross eyed, there is a nose and mouth in the right position. The two ears seem the right size and position for the face. This is somewhat unlikely. It also appears to be sitting in a chair or frame which also seems symmetrical. The stance is somewhat unnatural with the face looking away from the presumed torso position which would face to the left. It does have some resemblance to the spaceman seen below:

Spaceman and spaceman 2 are similar in the shape of the head, wider than humanoid and have similar ears. Both have lines under the eyes in an arc shape, on the spaceman 2 these are seen as depressions and on the spaceman as lines. This is similar to the shape under the Profile Crowned Face below. Both spaceman and spaceman 2 may have a single nostril, and both look to its left rather than straight forward. Both appear to be sitting in some kind of chair or frame, and both may be pointing to their right with an outstretched arm. Both have something protruding asymmetrically from the left back of the head, on the spaceman this appears cylindrical and on spaceman 2 as more like a plume. Both seem to have a crease down the center of the forehead, on spaceman this is a line and on spaceman 2 more of a groove. Both have a slit like mouth and little or no lips. Both have a collar on their clothes which is thicker on their right side.

The Crowned face in profile also has some similarities as below its left here seen here there is an arc which is similar to on the spaceman and spaceman 2. It also has a vestigal nose like the two spacemen and unlike the other crowned faces. The ear is also much larger like the spacemen and unlike the Crowned faces. So it may represent two species, one humanoid and the spaceman less humanoid.

In the spaceman image there is an impression of a smaller more humanoid figure kneeling in front of it.

This new face is at 142.27W 36.31N and the spaceman is at 41.29W 338.41. Both are then around the same latitude allowing for different positions in
the images. The images are close to 180 degrees away from each other, here
it is 196 degrees of separation out of 360 degrees of longitude. The Cydonia face is also around this latitude so these 3 faces are on the arc of a circle.