Are the Cydonia Face and the Crowned Face the same?

Here I overlaid the Cydonia Face with the Crowned Face. I did not distort the Crowned Face in any way, I shrank the size of the Crowned Face to fit and then reduced its height by about 3% here. This shrinking is not distortion because images are of different resolution. Altering the height of the image is equivalent to a slightly different viewing angle.

To view these results there are 3 overlays, with varying transparencies of the Crowned Face.

One GIF    One JPG
Two GIF   Two JPG
Three GIF Three JPG


Alternatively you can view a movie of this overlay by selecting the link here with your right hand mouse button and select "save target as..." in Internet Explorer or similar commands with other browsers. The movie is about 40 meg in size. To watch the movie I recommend Media Player Classic here, set it to replay over and over (not just one time), and there are arrow buttons on the front to slow down the movie to see the transition from one face to another.

It may be that the Cydonia Face is a heavily eroded version of the Crowned Face. It may also help to look at this overlay and this of the Viking Face and that taken by the Mars orbital Camera to see these features. These results are significant not only because they are two faces with some plausible claim to artificiality. That they are so similar to each other is highly improbable as well. For example if you had two interesting geological areas and it turned out that if you overlaid one on the other and they matched like this, it would be unlikely to occur by chance. So this study shows that two of the major faces on Mars (even if only faces in our imagination) are highly similar formations though any similarities should be random only.



To follow this it will probably be necessary to download all three images and the movie from the links above, preferably the GIF images though they are about a megabyte in size. The letters on the image above point to features that match closely on the two faces.

"a" shows a rounded curve that is similar on both faces. I assume the faces are wearing different hats, one is crown shaped and the other is like a head dress or helmet. Both have close to the same line where the hat starts.

"b" shows the vertical line on the edge of the Cydonia face lines up well with the edge of the Crowned Face.

"c" shows how the two left eyes are almost identical here.

"d" shows the rounded mesa like shape above the left Cydonia eye is almost identical to a dark oval shape above the left Crowned Face eye. It may be the Crown Face area is more eroded in this section than on the Cydonia Face.

"e" shows a shape on the Cydonia Face, but a nearly identical shape is seen on the Crowned Face and is like a long earring, also seen here (bottom image).

The bottom of the earring is at the same position as the shape on the Cydonia Face at "e". Also further up the earring shape there is a rounded shape, and there is a similar dark shape on the Cydonia Face shown below. If you watch this dark area in the movie it shows a feature in the same position on the Crowned Face.

"f" shows the end of a nose shape which lines up well with formations on the Cydonia Face. I partially predicted this might be a nose with different shadows here:

"g" shows this cliff face lines up perfectly with a ravine on the Crowned Face. The lip like shape above this on the Cydonia Face is nearly exactly like the mouth on the Crowned Face with two depressions or dark patches on it in the same positions.

"h" shows the lower edge of the large mouth like ravine son the Cydonia Face, which also lines up well with ravines on the Crowned Face.

"i" shows how the pointy chin and lower left jaw of the Crowned Face fits in well with the shape of the Cydonia Face here.

"j" shows an eye shape where the right eye of the Crowned Face would be. This matches precisely with a right eye shape I pointed out as consistent with shadows in the overlay with the Viking and MOC Cydonia faces, and also here, in the image below.

"k" shows an eye like shape on the Cydonia Face that is similar to a dark shape on the Crowned Face. This lines up very closely with the right eye of the "evening face" on the Crowned Face. The next image shows this formation on the Cydonia Face:

And the next image shows the right eye of the "evening face in the same location in the overlay. To its right it appears as though a large landslide has occurred so some details would be lost. These two circular formations line up closely, though the one on the Crowned Face is less distinct.

"l" shows a dark spot (bottom left image on the linked page) on the Crowned Face which is at the same position as an arc like dip in the headdress on the Cydonia Face. You can see this dip above the left eye in the photo above.

"m" shows a similar shape on both faces, particularly a light spot on the Crowned Face marked in the image below. You can see this same light spot in the Cydonia image above where the hairline I drew ends above the right eye. The two are close to each other but higher on the Crowned Face, which may be because of the dissimilar head gear.

"n" shows another similar area. This is on the Cydonia Face:

and the edge is similar to part of the Crowned Face. It may be that the Cydonia Face was meant to show a dual face like the Crowned Face, since the edge of the whole headdress seems to have a partial correspondence in the Crowned Face area. Below the two are superimposed.

And here the Crowned Face area is shown:


These can be better studied from the 3 overlays linked on this page.

Another similarity is shown below. The line marked can be seen as two sections on the Crowned Face image, I've drawn a line connecting them.

This is nearly the same as this line on the Cydonia Face. That is, in the overlay they are in the same position.

This is surprising because these shapes seem to serve no purpose in the Cydonia Face, though they are part of a second face on the Crowned Face.

The part shown below is a cliff face on the Cydonia Face and represents the bottom of the Crowned Face as it is buried under sand dunes. You can see the outline of these dunes in the overlay below.

Another part of the crown is very similar on both faces. The Crowned Face below has these lines on the crown.

Compare these to the lines below on the Cydonia Face, they line up nearly exactly.

The part marked on the Cydonia Face is almost exactly the same shape and position as the mouth on the "evening face" on the Crowned Face. There appear to be 3 Crowned Faces overlapping and almost identical, I refer to the one on the right as the Evening Face because they might have stood out through shadows differently at different times of the day.

The evening face mouth:

The line of shadow across the Cydonia Face nose is shown below:

This lines up virtually perfectly with a line on the Crowned Face from the nostrils in the upper left corner:

A fault or crevice appears to come from the evening face's mouth mentioned earlier.

This is exactly aligned with the cliff face on the Cydonia Face in the overlay:

There is an eye like shape on the nose on the Cydonia Face:

outlined here:

which is nearly exactly in the same shape and position as a formation on the Crowned Face:

The nose tip of the Crowned Face:

lines up almost perfectly with a formation on the Cydonia Face, which could have been a nose tip:

On the right hand side of the Crowned Face crown, this shape:

is nearly the same as this shape on the Cydonia Face:

shown here:

To the right of the Cydonia Face left eye is a shape:

that is nearly perfectly overlaid on one to the right of the Crowned Face left eye: