The baby face
There appears to be a second face that would stand out perhaps in the morning.
    There are 2 hills more towards the eyebrows  that also have eye symbols, and are the correct distance apart to appear as eyes.
    This is the left eyeball and this     is the outline. Here  is the raw photo.

    This is the right eyeball and this     is the outline. Here  is the raw photo.

    This     is the left nostril and here   is the outline.
    This is the right nostril and here     is the outline.
  This is the  nose, raw photo here .
    This shape appears as the mouth and here 
is the outline. There appear to be regular teeth shapes. The top of the adult mouth is the edge of the chin for this face. There may be some representation of a baby changing to a larger adult face in the course of the afternoon (In the afternoon the shadows come from the top of the face, growing longer until sunset). In early afternoon the adult mouth is full of light and so disappears

There is still another pair of eyes:
    This   is the left eye and this      is the outline.
    This     is the right eye (raw photo here ), and here  is the outline, raw photo here .
    There are now 3 pairs of eyes. Each looks in a different direction, and each pair looks correctly, i.e. not crosseyed.
    The right cheek in the overlay appears to be a nose to many people so it is possible another face or faces appear from a lower viewpoint looking from the right hand side. This would make 4 faces.
    The most probable explanation is the face is designed to appear from space to be face like from as many different times of the day as possible, and also from different seasons when the sun changes angle. This would be the most logical course, as it would be an enormous effort to build a face that could only be seen in a narrow time of the year, for a short time in the day. In this case the face would most likely not be seen by a passing spacecraft.
    The only times such a strategy would be defeated would be on a cloudy day, which was the conditions under which the MGS took the latest photos.

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