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Some squarish shapes.


Also near the square mesa, and a similar shape. It also seems to be orientated the same as the square mesa.

R0600346 is similar to the square mesa, it is orientated the same and is the same size. Also interesting is where it is and what condition it's in. I
Also it appears to have been eroded much more than the other, probably by water. The terrain here is very similar to just north of Meridiani planum where the water signs are.

Ancillary data for MOC narrow-angle image R06-00346

Longitude of image center:    148.95W
Latitude of image center:     16.86S
       Scaled pixel width:      5.99   meters
Square Mesa:

Ancillary data for MOC narrow-angle image M20-01848

Longitude of image center:    195.07W
Latitude of image center:     11.62N
       Scaled pixel width:      5.90
The triangular mesa is nearby:
Longitude of image center:    166.75W
Latitude  of image center:     41.70S
When I put pins in a globe and join these up it is a perfect right angled triangle. This an interesting triangle I've seen in many places in Cydonia, whether it's coincidence or not. The shorter side is exactly half the length of the hypotenuse, and the angles seem to be 35, 65, 90.