You may well be looking at the most important photograph in human history –an official NASA picture of a NEW Face on Mars that is so human looking that it could actually alter the history of the human race. Cosmic Majority Founder Michael C. Luckman announced the discovery of the new face at a news conference held on May 8, 2001 at the New Yorker Hotel. Joining Luckman in making the unprecedented announcement were Tom Van Flandern, a former Chief Astronomer for the United States Naval Observatory, who is President of Meta Research based in Washington, D.C. and Brian O’Leary, a former Apollo scientist-astronaut trained for America’s first manned mission to Mars.

    The next morning American TV talk show Regis Philbin held up the photograph of the face published in the New York Post for the entire country to see. Other media outlets such as the London Daily Mail, the BBC, CBS-TV and the Fox News Channel jumped on the story. Luckman told reporters that the face is the closest we have ever come to proof that Mars was once inhabited by an intelligent civilization. The face, which many believe is female, measures a mile and a quarter wide and is located near Syrtis major, about 3,000 miles from the famous Sphinx-like face photographed by NASA in the Cydonia region.

photo: NASA

     Luckman, Van Flandern and O’Leary want NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor to rephotograph the new face in Syrtis Major to provide scientists and the general public with new details of both the face and the surrounding area. Meanwhile, NASA has ignited a new controversy by releasing a brand new photograph, Van Flandern has concluded that the old face is artificial beyond a reasonable doubt. Van Flandern put the odds against that face being natural at well over one thousand billion billion to one. Those are odds you can take to the bank.

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