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The same overlay, with 70% Steve's photo 30% MSSS, and straightened. If this was found somewhere else it would probably be regarded as a new face find. Being on the Cydonian face is so much less likely to occur by chance.


Here is a basic shape from shading photo which indicates there may be another face profile with the sun from the opposite direction.



A new THEMIS photo shows the face looks face like in shadows from yet another angle:

A shows taller mounds that catch the sun and make between them look dark like an iris. B shows again how the mouth is not the large gully but a shadow off the large central mound. C shows a dimpled chin. D shows a semi circle that defines the jaw shape, it is defined by a lip that catches the sun on the right and a groove on the left which creates shading. The jaw shape becomes close to symmetrical and should stay with face shadows from a wide variety of angles. E shows the same eye shadow as in one of the Viking images, plus the same eye shape as on the Crowned Face. F shows a nostril like shadow which forms from a small mound with a depression under it.