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Comparing the Crowned Face, The Cydonia Face and the KK Face

Much of this is a statistical argument, that 3 pieces of ground, here those that happen to be faces should not be similar enough for overlays like this to have so many correlations. This argument was first made in the King's Valley here, where there are three faces similar to each other, one being the Crowned Face. Then another area in the King's Valley may be another face, that is also similar to the Crowned Face in an overlay here.

It is much easier to find evidence for a theory that most faces on Mars are of the same portrait, rather than being all different faces. If the faces are different then one can argue that faces in general are unlikely to occur so often. If the faces are very similar though then the argument can be that geological areas formed randomly or by known different processes should not be identical with each other. So once one concedes the geology should be random then these similarities might become statistically significant as evidence.

Initially I compared the Crowned Face and Cydonia Face here, and the Crowned Face and KK Face here. In this section I will examine all 3 faces in details for similarities with overlays, keeping in mind many of these similarities are already shared by 4 faces in the King's Valley. So in all there are potentially 6 faces very similar to each other, being less likely to occur by chance.

There are 3 movies comparing the faces, two faces to a movie. The movie comparing the Crowned Face to the Cydonia Face is here, the Crowned Face to the KK Face is here, and the Cydonia Face to the KK Face is here.

Next are 3 images, approximately half of each face. First there is one which is half Cydonia Face and half Crowned Face

Next is the Crowned Face and KK Face

and next is the Cydonia Face and KK Face.

Next is to analyze similarities between the Cydonia Face and the KK Face, this was done with the other face comparisons in the links above.

A is a dark patch on the edge of the Cydonia Face helmet.

B is the edge of the round shaped plateau above the left eye of the Cydonia Face. it also follows the line of the helmet, which goes in an arc over to the other eye in both images.

C Note the way the dark area curves right around the plateau.

D This is the raised plateau, which is also a similar feature on the Crowned Face.

E The eye is very similar on both faces with the same position for the iris. It is also the same position of the eye and iris on the Crowned Face.

F The eye terminates here in much the same way on all 3 faces.

G. The dark area follows a trough on the Cydonia Face, and also a jewelry like formation on the Crowned Face.

H This is a small ravine on the Cydonia Face and so might catch the light on its edge like here.

I This is a raised area on the Cydonia Face corresponding to a jewelry like shape on the Crowned Face and here there is a dark area at the end of the jewelry shape.

J This is the end of the nose on both the Crowned and Cydonia Faces as mentioned on a previous link. Here the light area ends on the KK Face at the end of the noses on the other two images.

K shows a depression on the Cydonia Face like with U, both dark patches on the KK Face.

L This dark area abuts the ridge of the helmet, like a shadow from it.

M There is a small ravine here on the Cydonia Face.

N The edge of this ravine is almost the same on the Cydonia Face and the KK Face as well as the Crowned Face.

O The dark area here on the KK Face matches closely the edge of the ravine, like the bottom edge of the Cydonia Face mouth.

P There is a small light spot here at the same position as the peak, and is dark to the right where there is a depression on the Cydonia Face.

Q The dark area here and just above it is similar in shape to the rocky outcrop on the Cydonia Face.

R The dark area ends here about the same place as the edge of this rocky outcrop.

S The end of the ridge on the Cydonia Face ends here where the light spot is.

T This dark shape is similar in shape to a rock outcrop on the Cydonia Face.

U This dark spot matches a depression on the Cydonia Face.

V Matches a dark area between two ridges, which might cast a shadow on the Cydonia Face.

W The shape of the bottom part of this light area is similar to the shape on the Cydonia Face.

X Perhaps a small depression here on the Cydonia Face.

Y A higher area on the Cydonia Face where this light area is.

Z A bottle like shape is similar on both faces.

1 The left edge of the depression like an eye socket fits in here.

2 The right hand edge of the eye socket. So the eye socket on the Cydonia Face is similar to an area here.

3 This area is like part of the helmet on the Crowned Face.

4 The light area ends on the edge of the Cydonia Face here.

5 Compare this area to the outer helmet edge of the Cydonia Face.

6 There is a lighter line here following a ravine on the Cydonia Face.

7 The upper part of this dark area abuts against the arc, as the front edge of the Cydonia Face helmet.

8 There is a dark line here following the outer edge of the Cydonia helmet.

9 Follows the arc of the Cydonia Face helmet edge.

10 There is a small hill in the KK Face eye where the iris center would be in the Crowned Face eye, also matching an eye on the Cydonia Face.

11 The center of the eye is an arc shape pointed upwards on the Cydonia Face, similar to the arc shape on the KK Face.


There are many similarities between these 3 main faces, as well as the 4 faces in the King's Valley. By watching the movies linked to above you can check whether you agree with these correlations.