The right eye here is in a hole which may have been caused by a landslide.

            If these are 3 different faces then there is little to be said by comparing them. If they are of the same face then each face might have very similar features to the others. The more similar features the less likely this is by coincidence and the more likely this is artificial.

            To analyze this I have made two animated GIF movies here for the left face and here for the right face, which are also in AVI movie form here for the left face and here for the right face. You should refer to one of these each time I point out a common feature so you can see the similarity for yourself. It is hard to follow in a morphing sequence so it is usually best to concentrate on the feature I am discussing each time.

            In the GIF and AVI files the one designated “kf and left” has the Kingface superimposed onto the left face. The one designated “kf and right” has the Kingface superimposed onto the right face. As the animated GIF or AVI runs it cycles between the two. This overlay was done without enlarging or distorting the shape of any faces. Remember it is difficult to keep track of the many features morphing so I will point out features one by one, and you can watch that feature morph to see how exactly that feature is the same on the two compared faces. To do this it is better to open the relevant movie file in a separate window to refer to. Note also the words at the bottom of the page may be referring to photos on the next page.

            The first feature is the top left part of the crown which overlays very closely. The photos are on the next page, but here is the animated GIF.